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 Guest Area Rules

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PostSubject: Guest Area Rules   Guest Area Rules Icon_minitimeSat Dec 08, 2007 11:14 am

The guest area is intended for unregistered people, to post questions about Utopia before considering registration. However, we have a few rules that even guests should read.

Do not commit any of the following actions:

1. Spam: Spam is a rather annoying tactic used by idiotic and immature attention seekers, it can be easily identified, it's characteristics are: Completely Off Topic and pointless message and Repeating said message. Spamers are, as previously stated, idiotic attention seekers that deserve zero tolerance in this forum and will be banned at first offense, however, some posts may be confused as spam, but we try to evaluate all evidence before banning a member.

2. Bashing: Bashing is one of the most disgusting tactics used by sadistic and perverted cry baby attention seekers, it is usually characterized by a direct form of insult and injury onto a member, this not only causes discomfort, but also leads the member to be enraged and ending up sending both the Basher and the innocent member into a "Forum Fight" or a "Flame War", thus ruining the Forum's atmosphere. Bashers receive no tolerance at all! And are more likely to receive permanent bans at first offense.

3. Trolling : This tactic is usually used by Bashers to corner most forum rules, or simply by retarded overweight pre-teens who need to take it out on younger Internet members. It involves a "gentle" form of flaming, the Troll will spread hatred through the forum with messages like: "I think all RPG players are pussies", in a attempt to lure out people to "fight" him, usually forums let Trolls get away cause they don't directly Bash or Flame, but at Utopia such behavior is unacceptable. Trolls receive bans at first offense that may or may not be permanent

4. Flaming: Best described as a fusion between Bashing and Trolling, Flaming has only one purpose: To cause Flame Wars. Imagine the fusion between "retarded overweight pre-teen who needs to take it out on younger Internet members" and " sadistic and perverted cry baby attention seeker" and you got yourself the typical Flamer. These guys will go out into a Forum with the pure intention of pissing people off, they have no specific target but they'll hit random members, they usually directly insult them, but not only one, usually several members, in order to turn Forum's into massive flame wars. Such behavior is never tolerated, Flamers get to be banned once evidence of potential flaming appears!

Copied from Anti-Crime Rules

If you do commit any of the previously stated actions, you will never be even considered to join Utopia

Based on the questions posted here, we will also be constructing a FAQ section, take that into mind and ask questions in a intelligent manner
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Guest Area Rules
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